Paul Fletcher

“In the winter of 2016 I was in the midst of a particularly deep and dark period of depression. On better days I was able to leave my home and on those days and nights I paced London with my camera. These walks afforded me some frail but real connection with other humans, through candid intimate moments made with camera, briefly joining a subject and myself. ‘Coffee for One’ is one of those captures, a moment when two men, alone in the busy city, briefly connected.”

Paul Fletcher is an award winning photographer with a keen interest in portraiture and a participatory urban anthropological approach to documenting people. Formerly an architect, he became interested in photography in 2014, at the time of  being diagnosed with a chronic illness, type 2 bipolar disorder. Photography allowed a new form of expression and creativity to emerge, offering him a new way to interact with people.

Beginning with an old 35mm analogue camera in winter 2014, he learnt how to make a photograph. Today he shoots both digital and analogue, but what was learned in his formative years in film remain. 

Since turning professional in early 2017, Paul has been commissioned for a variety of portraiture work but his interest in people remains the basis of his growing portfolio. His photography intrinsically captures a real connection and interaction with chosen subjects, context and environments. A body of work he refers to as ‘Urban Anthropology’.

As Paul continues to develop his career and competence as a photographer, he remains open to what the future holds, believing that it must be led by his heart and not head.

Available for portraiture commissions, digital and analogue, Paul is a fellow of the RSA.