Paul Fletcher

Paul Fletcher, photographer

Paul never set out to be a photographer. Not so long ago he was an architect, but after being diagnosed with chronic illness he became interested in photography. The camera became therapy, therapy that ignited a new found passion which led him away from architecture.
It fed his creativity and most significantly new way to interact and engage with people. This interaction with people, real people like you, informs and fuels his work. Self taught, beginning with an old 35mm film camera in winter 2014 he learnt how to make a photograph.
Today he mainly shoots digitally, but what what was learned in his formative years in film remain. Early in 2017 he turned professional but his interest in people remains the basis of all his work. He is committed to participatory documentary photography, where he has real connection and interaction with subject, context and environment.

Making not taking.

Paul is a fellow of the RSA.